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DM Methodology

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 DM Methodology


The order of things....


  1. I need to canvas the International schools to see if anyone is interested in participating. 
  2. Then come up with an instrument that measures across the board the reading culture of a school including circulation stats, interviewing students, teachers and parents on what the students read, how much reading do they do, the authors that they read before the festival. What programs are introduced in the school as a lead up to the festival  - does this make a difference? 
  3. What assumptions are made about literature festivals - are these measurable? realistic? where have
  4. Measure exactly how much time each participating school inputs into the festival.
  5. Keep track of the expenditure. 
  6. Attend the festival, talk to the students before their author visit, and after.
  7. Any programs that are followed up from the Festival - does this make a difference?
  8. 2-3 weeks after the festival, again conduct interviews, look at circulation statistics.
  9. 2 months after the festival, conduct interviews, look at circulation statistics.


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