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Examples of action research

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 4 months ago

Getting graphic with guys: Using graphic novels to engage boys in school reading

Di Laycock's looks at the use of graphic novels in the curriculum to engage boys in the reading of prescribed texts. (Di)


Ban those bird units model testing: an action research project 

David Loertscher investigates the question: What is the impact on learning and collaboration of high-level learning activities in information-rich and technology-rich environments? In other words, when higher-level learning activities replace “bird units” in libraries, what is the impact on learning and collaboration? (Di)


Investigating Guided Enquiry - a beginning.doc

Lee FitzGerald's novice look at using Guided Inquiry theory to carry out a long term, open-ended research task with Year 7 students at her school. (Lee)

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Anonymous said

at 4:01 pm on Jun 29, 2007

Hi Di, I have just visited your link and found it to be a worthwhile read. Thanks for sharing the background, process and findings with us all. Many of the references you cite sound really interesting and may be something to investigate.

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