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Fran Hughes


I work for Catholic Education in Cairns.  A major part of my role involves supporting staff in school libraries.


I am interested in research using audio books with reluctant readers and readers with low ability.  I have recently done some reading in this area so should be able to add some references somewhere... as soon as i begin to find my way around here.




If I knew what I was doing,

it wouldn't be called research.

                            Albert Einstein



My current action research


The aim of this study is to gather insights and data about the impact of using audio books during the daily practice of sustained silent reading in a year five classroom targeting two types of reader - the reluctant and /or less able readers. 



Comments (6)

Anonymous said

at 10:14 pm on Aug 29, 2007

Welcome Fran. Looks like you're finding your way around here pretty well. Just send out a call if you need help. I think you and Adele will have lots to talk about in regard to audiobooks... do I see the possibility of a joint project in the air?

Anonymous said

at 2:23 pm on Aug 30, 2007

Hi Fran..well done with coming on board so quickly. Love your idea with the client base being struggling readers. This group often miss out on the journey of great stories. It would be interesting to have a joint project with someone looking at the non strugglers and someone looking at same age group but mature readers. Three action research projects that have a focus on audio books.

Anonymous said

at 9:42 pm on Sep 6, 2007

Hi Fran from the other end of the country (nearly). It will be interesting to hear of your findings. Audio books are quite popular with our primary students, usually stories they can't quite read by themselves yet. We only have a small collection at this stage but so far it is going really well.

Anonymous said

at 6:06 pm on Sep 12, 2007

Hi Fran. There is no reason why you can't create new pages and link them to your member's page (as you did from the research topics page). We just won't add them to the Sidebar.

Anonymous said

at 11:01 pm on Oct 5, 2007

Thanks, I am sure i will get the hang of things soon. I am watching others for a bit.

Anonymous said

at 8:17 pm on Nov 17, 2007

I heard from Adele that you and she had a very fruitful meeting up in sunny Cairns. Fantastic. It will be great to see you both doing a project on audio books using students at opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of reading ability.Audio books are something we haven't really got into so I'm looking forward to seeing what emerges from your research.

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