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 Community of Active Researchers - Teacher Librarians





News Update 


 Antoine de Saint-Exupery provides our inspiration...  


When the wild ducks migrate in their season, a strange tide rises in the territories over which they sweep. As if magnetised by the great triangular flight, the barnyard fowl leap a foot or two into the air and try to fly. .. All the ducks on the farm are transformed for an instant into migrant birds, and into those hard little heads, until now filled with humble images of pools and worms and barnyards, there swims a sense of the continental expanse, of the breadth of seas and the salt taste of the ocean wind. The duck totters to the right and left in its wire enclosure, gripped by a sudden passion to perform the impossible and a sudden love whose object is a mystery ... The barnyard duck had no notion that its little head was big enough to contain oceans, continents, skies; but of a sudden it was beating its wings, despising corn, despising worms, battling to become a wild duck.(Antoine de Saint-Exupery 2002, Wind, Sand and Stars, Harcourt, New York, p.108.)



The CAR-TL vision...

Our idea for a research community sprang from the realisation that it is time, especially in the current climate of teacher assessment and accountability, for teacher librarians to ensure that their practice is evidence-based intentional practice rather than intuitive or gut-feeling practice. Whilst many of us are aware of this need, it begs the question How many of us feel confident to plan and undertake the collection, analysis and evaluation of such evidence? We see our research community as the vehicle to provide this confidence by supporting teacher librarians wishing to undertake research in their school, no matter how small or complex it might be.  

Our community has an action research focus because this approach caters for greater flexibility in methodology and can incorporate both quantitative and qualitative interpretations. It is particularly suitable as a means for teachers to reflect on and improve their practice within their own school.  Its strength is its flexibility, its suitability to a collaborative approach and its scope – no project is too small in that data collection might be a single lesson.
 Through providing a nurturing environment in which to plan and share your research, CAR-TL, as a Community of Practice, will support one another as we offer insight from our collective stores of knowledge in both research and anecdotal evidence.  Analysing and evaluating your practice and gathering the evidence will become second nature.  As well as being able to draw on the individual and collective knowledge of the community’s members, we will be inviting researchers from a number of areas to share their experiences with you.
 And what will you do at the end of your action research project? There is no end. By its very nature, action research is ongoing, so you’ll reflect upon your findings and perhaps move into another cycle of research in order to seek continuous improvement in your practice. No doubt you’ll also share your findings with your colleagues at school – both formally and informally. 
As researchers, be guided by CAR-TL's mantra Desiderata for Practitioner Research.  As members of a community of practice be guided by the Lessons from geese.
CAR-TL is an initiative of ASLA (NSW) Inc. On a broader front, ASLA (NSW) will provide members with the opportunity to both publish your findings and to present them through its professional learning activities. (Linda & Di)


Getting started



  What next?


Open the sidebar menu at the top of the page.  Click on Members.  See you there! And don't forget to add your introduction to your page. 





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