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Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 3 months ago


My introduction page seems to have disappeared so I will edit again. I currently am the Teacher Librarian at Shore Prep school, an independent Anglican school in North Sydney, catering for boys from Year 3 - 6.

I have ideas for an action research proposal which will focus on a whole school reading groups program which is currently underway at my school. Although as teacher librarian I have the management role, I feel the program has much potential to raise the profile of the school library within the school. My plan is to survey students, and devise a questionnaire for parents and staff to evaluate future direction of the reading groups progam within the school. Ultimately I would like to add some Web 2.0 tools to the reading groups and then perhaps research again.


I have attached a file called 'Scenario for Action Research' - sorry it attached as a file, rather than in my profile. I am very happy for any comments, I have not followed strict methodological guidelines at this stage - will be very happy to be guided by Kirsty at the Research Retreat.

Comments (12)

Anonymous said

at 4:10 pm on Jun 11, 2007

Great to catch up at the Inspirational Sepakers' Series Professional Learning Event for CAR-TL. I think as you move into your new job, just observe for awhile and take reflective notes of what interests you. Never know where this will lead. There is no pressure in our group - we are hear to work with each other. What was it that Di was sayng about 'honking' when you are ready?

Anonymous said

at 4:11 pm on Jun 11, 2007

PS not that ducks honk but we all felt comfortable with the analogy ; )

Anonymous said

at 6:40 pm on Jun 12, 2007

Hi Margo, I am in my third year of my new job and I am starting to see the effect of some changes I implemented last year. I can also see more clearly the things that I need to work on now, which will have an even bigger impact.

Anonymous said

at 8:32 pm on Jun 13, 2007

There's nothing like having a fresh perspective and perhaps you'll see things at your school that have 'always been done that way', yet no-one can tell you why. So why not choose one of these as the focus for your research project?

Anonymous said

at 10:11 pm on Jul 18, 2007

What ideas have you been playing with Margo? What have you been reading? What is disturbing you? What is exciting you? (of course within the context of this Research Community).

Anonymous said

at 7:37 pm on Jul 22, 2007

I think the suggestion of observing cannot be underestimated in value. It is good to note what you observe when you are new as your eyes are seeing more clearly. Once you have been somewhere for a while it becomes the norm and harder to see other ways of doing.

Anonymous said

at 10:29 pm on Aug 29, 2007

The whole File thing is messy isn't it? Perhaps you could paste your scenario under your intro. Just use the 'page break' line that is available in the edit menu.

Anonymous said

at 10:36 pm on Aug 29, 2007

I'm looking forward to chatting to you at the Research Retreat Margo. Boys' reading is one of my passions and I'll bring a couple of books that you might find interesting. I think some research into your reading program is a great idea... I'll be very interested to see what comes out of it. Personally I think the best way to encourage reading is to give it the 'no strings attached' treatment. That is, let students read for absolute pleasure in the knowledge that there is no 'work' attached to the exercise. This could be the start of a fruitful discussion.

Anonymous said

at 12:48 pm on Sep 1, 2007

Thanks for your encouragement, look forward to your shared wisdom on boys reading. I am going to spend the next few weeks devising questionnaires and surveys suitable for boys, parents and staff - requires some deep thought.
I can't seem to locate the 'page break' that you mention Di, not to worry. Margo

Anonymous said

at 10:50 pm on Sep 4, 2007

When you go into 'Edit Page' the "insert horizonatal line' icon is next to the 'table' icon.
Re your survey... if you're looking to do something online, have a look at Survey Monkey (see research methodology page) and also check Margaret's comments... she's just signed up.
I agee about the need for deep thought on questionnaires etc... I'm looking forward to Kirsty's advice on this.

Anonymous said

at 9:18 pm on Sep 14, 2007

Having trialled the SLIM toolkit as designed I am in favour of using survey monkey to revamp the ideas into an more interactive response tool for students to use. The group I worked with was always going to be difficult but I found the repetitive nature of the questions for each reflection annoyed the boys involved. The increased understanding and engagement I witnessed was not evident in the survey responses.

Anonymous said

at 8:26 pm on Nov 17, 2007

This looks like a valuable project Margo. It will be interesting to not only explore the effectiveness of the reading groups program per se, but also to explore how you can be involved. Have you completed the survey yet?

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