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Research topics

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years ago

It might help members of our community kick-start their research if we build up a database of potential research topics.  If you have an idea throw it down...


  • guided inquiry
  • reading programs
  • author visits - worth the time and effort?
  • schedule vs flexible library time -  what is the difference to learning?
  • library skills vs integrated library use - which one produces better results?
  • audio books and impact on non readers/reluctant readers - can their use lead to 'real' reading
  • how to develop a CPT culture
  • library design/layout and its impact on usage rates
  • using students to develop library programs
  • displays and effect on borrowing/reading rates
  • Personal Learning Networks
  • the use of formal subject headings and their impact on student's ability to find resources in the school library


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